Have You Been Down "Someday Aisle"?

One of the biggest hurdles that we deal with as entrepreneurs is procrastination. Myself included, we tend to act with delay when it comes to most initiatives. Someday I'll get into shape or go on that diet. From personal experience, it took me years to finally take the step to launch my business. Someday I'll start my own business. And even now I find myself stalling at times when I know that I should be doing something to promote myself and my business. Someday I'll make that phone call. I believe it's human nature to put off things that we know we should be doing presently. Someday I'll start eating healthier.

Someday I'll become financially independent.
Someday I'll be a millionaire.
Someday I'll achieve my goals.
Someday I'll stop procrastinating!

Someday Aisle is an easy path to take but it is seldom the easy paths that provide us with the results that we seek. Many of my clients also fall victim to procrastination at one time or another. Most of us business owners started our companies because we have some idea or talent that we want to share with others. The challenge becomes when we need to become diligent with meetings, deadlines, projects, etc. that we have determined will push our businesses forward. Our procrastination only prolongs the time required to make our dreams come true. 

When you find yourself walking down "Someday Aisle", turn around and go back to a place where you can stand and say "Not Someday...TODAY!"