Be like a sponge!

Congratulations to one of the most coachable and self-motivated trainees I have ever had the opportunity to personally teach! Shannon earned both Employee of the Month awards for her department and for the entire store as a result of her performance in April. The departmental award is giving based on production while the store award is voted on by all team members and is based on teamwork. 

During my weekly training sessions, which started out with 6 - 7 ambitious students yet sometimes became 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Shannon continued to be open-minded with a sincere desire to grow her sales numbers. She took notes, asked lots of questions and implemented all of the tips that she learned. Not only did she inquire about how to become better in her own department but she actively pursued training opportunities in other departments as well, demonstrating the traits of a future Team Leader. Shannon also took it upon herself to push her departmental co-workers to attend the same training that benefited her. Shannon is a true example of a model student and if you want to excel as Shannon has, BE LIKE A SPONGE and absorb as much positive training that you can get!