We take your business as seriously as you do!


Derived from a passion of helping others to maximize their full potential, opportUNITY Development, LLC provides exposure consulting to businesses, specializing in privately held companies. Areas of focus are sales training, leadership development, marketing strategies, process creation and implementation, recruiting, and networking. The Leadership Development Academy is built on our custom tailored S.A.L.E.S. Is Simple™ training program.


Exploring "The Possibility of Possible".

Our mission is to unify the opportunities available to businesses and individuals through exposure, training and sustainability.



Our first phase together will focus on exposing you to new strategies and ideas that will set the foundation for sustainable growth. Here we set the path for taking your business from its present state to your definition of success.


Goal setting, S.A.L.E.S. is Simple™ custom tailored team member training and the Leadership Development Academy all combine to catapult your organization to record sales volumes. As the team grows, so does the business!



At this point consistency becomes the major focal point. Implementation of the recommended strategies that were established allow us to provide continued support to your vision. Too many companies fail because they have taken their foot off the gas. We work vigorously to make sure that your company does not succumb to the competition.