Venis L. Sims - Edgewood Realty Group


...had an AMAZING lunch turned brainstorming session with Tamahn Jamison of Opportunity Development, LLC in the slammer today! Thanks Sean Collins for being smart enough to know this guy! #getEdgewood #powercorerules

Tamahn is a keeper! I can see him as a permanent member of my advisory team. He melds together the winning trifecta of formal training, real word experience and innate ability!

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Sandra G. Williams Agency - Farmers Insurance

You need to hire this guy! I know you don't think you need a business coach - neither did I; experienced owner/professional, solid business and marketing plan, delivering on the vision and mission every day. However, you are likely navigating a bumpy road (or some bona-fide road blocks) and need help maximizing your resources. I found Tamahn focused, organized, and attentive - ready with feedback and enhancements to our strategy that were actionable and measureable . He approached my business with a fresh set of eyes and brought his passion to every meeting (as did I - which made for rather lively discussions ;). You want to grow your business and you have precious little time to waste - Tamahn can provide the support to get you there. Thanks Tamahn - big fan!!

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Kershaun Scott - Georgia 2 Wheel Nation

Kershaun is an executive member of Georgia 2 Wheel Nation, which has contracted opportUNITY to increase membership and bring in sponsors.

Trey Specht

A recent transplant from the automotive industry, Trey has worked with me for almost 2 years now. Since then he has been promoted to Internet Manager and I can eventually see him running an entire sales department in the very near future!