Sandra G. Williams Agency - Farmers Insurance

You need to hire this guy! I know you don't think you need a business coach - neither did I; experienced owner/professional, solid business and marketing plan, delivering on the vision and mission every day. However, you are likely navigating a bumpy road (or some bona-fide road blocks) and need help maximizing your resources. I found Tamahn focused, organized, and attentive - ready with feedback and enhancements to our strategy that were actionable and measureable . He approached my business with a fresh set of eyes and brought his passion to every meeting (as did I - which made for rather lively discussions ;). You want to grow your business and you have precious little time to waste - Tamahn can provide the support to get you there. Thanks Tamahn - big fan!!

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Kershaun Scott - Georgia 2 Wheel Nation

Kershaun is an executive member of Georgia 2 Wheel Nation, which has contracted opportUNITY to increase membership and bring in sponsors.

Trey Specht

A recent transplant from the automotive industry, Trey has worked with me for almost 2 years now. Since then he has been promoted to Internet Manager and I can eventually see him running an entire sales department in the very near future!