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Monique Gaither - The Derek Campbell Agency

This video testimonial comes from Monique Gaither of The Derek Campbell Agency. Monique is the Office Manager and is in charge of the day-to-day operations for those team members who service the current and growing client base. opportUNITY Development LLC partnered with the agency in 2018 to increase sales revenue. Even though the company ranks first in the country for life insurance sales with Nationwide, there was opportunity to grow its other lines of business. Listen as Monique shares her personal feelings on how Tamahn Jamison, President of opportUNITY Development LLC, makes a difference in their agency!

Eric McKenna

This testimonial from Eric was very humbling. Eric and I worked together for over 2 years. During that time I saw him grow from an inexperienced Sales Amateur to a Sales Pro. Our journey began with Eric being offered an opportunity to join the sales team even though he zero sales experience. What he did have was an immeasurable amount of product knowledge coupled with a distinct personality that made him a prime candidate for a sales career.

On numerous occasions in the beginning, Eric questioned his decision to pursue a job in sales. But what I saw in Eric was an insatiable appetite for learning. He was a model student in that heeded every instruction that I gave him. His face would sometimes say that he didn’t know how that was going to work but then he would come back with a big smile on his face and say “I can’t believe that actually worked!”

As that began to happen more and more, Eric couldn’t wait to learn some new strategies in order to watch them successfully unfold while working with clients. I noticed that his confidence level was growing month after month and his customers were becoming the beneficiaries of his professionalism.

Eric became the #2 producing Sales Pro in the entire company (2nd only to another one of my trainees Trey Specht). He was promoted to Internet Sales Manager of one of the most recently acquired locations in order to spearhead its growth. I am proud to have worked with Eric and now consider him a friend!

Trey Specht

I had the pleasure of working with Trey for nearly 3 years. During that time I saw him go from a young-minded Sales Amateur to a certified mature Sales Pro! Trey called me recently to update me on some things that were going with him, including the success that he had the previous year. Trey and I worked together for nearly 3 years. During that time he became the #1 salesperson in his 6-store dealership group and ran a department that was responsible for 53% of his store's profit. Trey also doubled his income from Year 1 to Year 2 and then did it again in Year 3. He has decided to share his experience with you. ENJOY!

If you are ready to do get the same 1-on-1 training that Trey did, reach out to me to schedule a consultation.