So what can you expect as a result of working with opportUNITY Development, LLC? We add an additional $200,000+ to your company's gross sales revenue. Our individual sales clients have tripled their income due to our training. Listed below are the key target areas responsible for that growth:


sales training

Every company's "top line" stems from sales but how effectively can your organization train its staff when everyone is focused on revenue producing activities? You no longer have to face that dilemma by yourself! Let us catapult your team to the level of excellence that both your customers AND your bottom line deserve with our custom tailored S.A.L.E.S. Is Simple ™ training program. 

recruiting and hiring

"I can't seem to find and keep the right people." If you've every uttered those words, then you realize that your biggest company asset is the people that make up your team. People represent your brand to the public with every interaction. We will help you find - and keep - the right talent for your culture.

leadership development

    Aren't you tired of missing out on growth opportunities because you don't have the right leadership in place? With our Leadership Development Academy, you can focus on expansion while we identify and prepare your next superstars!  


Marketing Strategies

Whether it is word-of-mouth or digital marketing strategies, effective marketing is necessary to attract customers to your company. We help you to not only assess what type of marketing to implore but also its frequency, therefore maximizing your return on investment (ROI). The FaceBook ad campaign below yielded these results for the client in less than 2 weeks!

Here are some of the results from a FaceBook Ads campaign that resulted in our client increasing their sales opportunities by 14%

Here are some of the results from a FaceBook Ads campaign that resulted in our client increasing their sales opportunities by 14%


Process Creation and Implementation

    How will your next hire or your successor know how you run your business? If you don't have documented processes in place, they won't! Effective processes are a vital component for business success in that they provide consistency to both internal and external customers along with a framework for scalability. Your processes with be thoroughly analyzed to ensure consistency. We will set up process and training manuals which include job descriptions and pay plans.


Networking Services

    Successes can come from not just WHAT you know, but WHO you know. Sometimes you just need to be introduced to the right people in the right places at the right time. You will have access to our vast network of individuals and businesses that would provide reciprocal benefit.


Website Advice

    When was the last time you personally went to your website to make sure all the buttons work? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed to make sure that your website is optimized for traffic. As part of the consultative relationship, we will work with your current web designer to maximize results (or refer you to another company in our network if necessary).